About Us

Paul Greene:

Paul Greene graduated from University of Limerick with a degree in Insurance & Risk Management (BBS.). Following a stint in the claims department of one of Ireland’s leading insurers, Paul engaged a career as a Loss Assessor. This career spanning a decade in the claims industry has produced a thorough experience in claims management and emergency response strategy. Paul has also been conferred with a Diploma in Loss Adjusting by the Insurance Institute of Ireland.

Paul Greene & Co. Loss Assessors:

As one of the country’s leading Loss Assessing companies, we deliver a value for money service in a diligent and transparent fashion. As the property owner’s representative, we ensure that throughout the insurance claim process, the claimant’s entitlements are delivered in full. We have a large amount of experience in Loss Assessing, Quantity Surveying and Project Management. Since the company was established in 2011 we have dealt with losses ranging in value from hundreds to millions. References are available from previous clients in the household market and also across a spectrum of sectors in the commercial market including: hotels, manufacturing plants, office blocks, nightclubs, shopping centres, restaurants, supermarkets, credit unions, garages, gaming arcades and more. We cater for all property claim types ranging from leaks, chimney fires, storm damage, burglary to the more complex cases such as major fire/flood disasters, land-slides, subsidence and oil leaks. 

We also offer Value at Risk services. This entails a detailed survey of the property proposed for insuring and certification of the appropriate level of insurance. This service is particularly beneficial for properties with a premium in excess of €2,500 or indeed property portfolios. The service is popular for apartment complexes, commercial properties, warehousing and agricultural properties. Underinsurance is a major risk exposure which will see you partially covered for your loss. Over-insurance is a waste of money! Find the right balance with our Value at Risk service.